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Heuchera 'Megan'

Heuchera Megan
                         Heuchera 'Megan'

New for 2018 - A lovely new Introduction from us - Just in time for a 'Royal Wedding'
Introduced at Gardeners World Live 2017 - it was loved by those that saw it
Its a great plant with big rich pink flowers on strong wands - loved by bees
 Strong silvery foliage giving a nice contrast make it a winner 

This will be available in February 2018
Jooles/Heucheraholics 27/12/2017 22 Comments
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Nicolle Brooks 02/06/2018

Hi looking at the new Megan beautiful plant. How can I order and what is the price please,

admin 08/06/2018

Hi Nicolle It's on the website - you can order it there Jooles

Susi Killin 18/04/2018

Heuchera Megan not available to order on your Website. Can you check this please

Jooles 23/04/2018

Hi Susi It most definitly is av on the website - we are getting lots of orders for it so it must be ! Have another look - I'm not sure why you aren't seeing it Kind regards Jooles

Megan Studholme-Dooley 13/05/2018

Hello. Unable to order Megan as there isn t a checkout. There is a read page but no order page.

admin 08/06/2018

Hi There Not sure why you have a problem - we are getting lots of orders for it - It's available and you can order it Jooles

David Moody 24/06/2018

want to order 3 Heuchera Megan.Please help.Also 3 Beauty Colour and3 Solar Eclipse

Jooles 25/06/2018

HI David We are sold out of Solar Eclipse and Beauty colour Megan is av to order on the website Regards Jooles

Davina Bonham 25/05/2018

When can I order this, I can t order it online. Many thanks Davina

Jooles 08/06/2018

Hi Davina It's on the website you can order it anytime

Rachael 16/03/2018

how do i order 2 of the megan heuchera? I can t find it on the site with an option to buy. kind regards

admin 16/03/2018

Hi there It is available now- I've just updated it on website Hope That helps Regards Jooles

Judy 19/03/2018

Read that Megan is on website to order but can't find price or ordering details only description.

admin 19/03/2018

Hi Judy I don't know why you can't find the order details - Just click on Megan and press add to cart Nothing stopping you from ordering it Have another go - any problems let me know Kind regards Jooles

Lynn Knowler 28/04/2018

Hi, I would like to order a Megan, is this possible please? Can t see a way to do it on here.

Jooles 28/04/2018

Hi Lynne Just go to the website page for Heucheras - It's on there If you have a problem you can always order over the phone - but it should be straightforward if you go to Heuchera page Hope that helps Jooles

Andrea 20/04/2018

When does Megan flower and does she like sun or shade?

Jooles 23/04/2018

Hi Andrea Megan is happy in sun or partial shade /full shade She will start flowering in March (in a normal spring !) and will flower for many weeks if you keep removing the old flowers as they finish KInd regards Jooles

Mrs D C Dowson 01/03/2018

Please email me when available, Di Dowson

admin 06/03/2018

Hi there Megan is available to order now on the website Kind regards Jooles

lynne young 05/03/2018

Is Heuchera Megan available yet please

Jooles 06/03/2018

Hi Lynne Megan is available now to order - Hope that helps Jooles