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Jooles and Sean at Heucheraholics would like to welcome you to their new web site

It's been a while since we updated our website and hopefully you will enjoy the new experience  as much as us !

A big thank you to all our customers past and present who have made being a heucheraholic so momentous and fun!
We enjoy meeting you all, either for a serious plant chat or simply for some lively banter!!

Heucheras remain as popular as ever - no surprises , as they really are the most versatile and amazing plants

The last few years have seen a revolution in the Heuchera Kingdom with more astonishing and magical colour changes than Joseph's Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat! 
The foliage keeps on stunning us with shades of hot orange, squashed raspberries, shimmering silvers, marbled and frosted, moody purples, black in matt or gloss finish and acidic vibrant lime greens!!!
Recent development has seen massive improvement in flowering with really strong colours and some claiming almost perpetual flowering all season

Heucheras are "As versatile as an egg."..
They really are. Every garden no matter how big or small can find a place for them.
They make the most stunning container plants standing out on their own - or as winter hanging basket plants for all year colour, even on dull winter days.
Don't forget Tiarellas and Heucherellas of course and their good chums the Pulmonarias.
Planted in the garden in groups  amongst other perennials they will look Gorgeous and will brighten up any corner or border
We have plenty for sun and plenty more for shade and plenty more for you to enjoy

If you want something no one else has to offer
then go to the Heucheraholics own varieties page - we have some great ones of our own bred on our nursery

Happy Heuchering

Jooles and Sean