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Cultural Information

Cultural Information and Growing Tips

Heucheras ,x Heucherellas ,Tiarellas

This group of North American Plants all belong the the family - Saxifragiace

Heucheras - Coral Bells
are one of the easiest groups of plants to grow
There's a place in every garden for Heucheras ,
They make the most superb plants for growing in mixed borders , in groups on their own or as the most fantastic container plant or in hanging baskets for great winter colour
There are Heucheras for Shade and Heucheras for full sun and some that are happy in both
There are Heucheras with small leaves suited for window boxes , containers and rockeries -then there are the giants with huge dinner plate leaves that give structure in the border or large container

Heucheras have mostly evergreen foliage in a stunning range of colours 
Flowers known as Coral Bells  are a bonus - some are almost perpetual flowering all spring/ summer and autumn,some are neat ,sweet and compact and others tower gracefully above the foliage up to 50cm - Bees just love them !!
If you have  a  hot sunny spot you will need to pick the hotter ,deeper colours - reds,orange,black,purple 
Shade is great  for silvers ,limey greens,golden ,oranges and variegated 
Dappled shade is great for both - Morning sun afternoon shade is also a great combination

Heucheras are happy in most soils - provided that they have good drainage ,heavy wet soils are sure death
-they love a good mulch to keep the soil structure open - They are Lime tolerant
In the spring give your plants a tidy up - remove all old dead foliage and off they go again !
Give them a hair cut in spring - they will bounce back !

Heucheras are Hardy -don't attempt to wrap them in fleece to keep them alive - they need lots of air around them - when planting avoid plants hanging right over them - give the foliage some room to breathe 
Once established heucheras are drought tolerant - so will withstand periods of dry very well 

x Heucherellas - Foamy Bells
Heucherellas are a lovely group of plants - they are a cross between Heucheras (Coral Bells ) and Tiarellas (Foam Flower)
The cross between the two plants gives some of the lovely foliage colours of the Heucheras combined with the beautiful foamy flower of the Tiarella

These plants are beautiful mixed with the Heucheras and Tiarellas - also amongst Ferns and Pulmonarias and grasses
They look lovely in mixed borders , fantastic in containers and make the most brilliant plants for hanging baskets
They have a natural shape that make them fill baskets beautifully - there are even a group of heucherellas that have been bred for trailing - these look amazing in baskets giving colour all year - totally hardy and trail down to a metre in length - covered in masses of foamy flowers - what's not to like!

Heucherellas are happiest in light shade- although the orangey/reds  do enjoy some sun
Good drainage is  a must -other wise they are happy on most soils 
Tidy up by removing the dead leaves at the end of winter - don't be afraid to give them a hair cut in spring - they respond really well and bounce back with an abundance of fresh foliage ready to stun you !

Tiarellas- Foam Flowers
This group of plants are little gems in the shady border - producing masses of whorls of starry foamy white/pink flowers- some of which are sweetly scented
Foliage is mostly green and shades of - with darker veining and sometimes nice autumn colour 

Tiarellas are mostly low growing  and suited to edging shady borders - mixing well with Heucheras , Heucherellas ,Ferns and Pulmonarias 
Tiarellas look lovely naturalising in woodland borders with spring bulbs 
Look out for the trailing varieties - these are great for ground cover or look great in hanging baskets !